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Grand Prize Winners

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Terms and Conditions

  1. Participants should play various mini-games in Dawn of Civilization and get 100 exercises completed to put you in the running for the Winner's Table. The top 3 in the Winner's Table will be ranked by the highest points at the end of the Challenge. The more you play different mini-games, the higher your chance of getting points.
  2. Exercises completed could be obtained during the challenge period. The counter will be stopped when the challenge ends and will be reset when the new challenge starts.
  3. Play the mini-games on Dawn of Civilization and improve your learning to be eligible for the weekly most improved student. The most improved students will be announced weekly on Friday through the Telegram group.
  4. Play a minimum of 20 mini-games or collect 100 stars on Dawn of Civilization per week to be eligible for the Weekly Lucky Learners Rewards. The winner will be announced weekly on Monday through the Telegram group. Check the Ready, Set, Learn! Challenge page under to track your star collection
  5. Join the Telegram group to check the winner and another support assistance

How to win

  1. Download our game Dawn of Civilization on:
  2. Create your account and your username start with YM. (e.g. YMMayang) or use your existing account.
    • Click “Have a learnalytics code?” insert “YM”
    • If you forgot or have not input your LA code:
      • Tap on the “Settings” icon on the top right inside the game.
      • Tap “General”, and then tap “Learnalytics”.
      • Insert “YM” and click the green button.
  3. Play the Mini-Games by clicking the Games button in the home screen